BALTIC GAS is a BONUS project addressing climate change.

BALTIC GAS is a research project exploring emissions of the greenhouse gas methane from the seabed of the Baltic Sea into the overlying water column and further into the atmosphere.

BALTIC GAS applies seismo-acoustic and geochemical approaches to map shallow gas in Baltic Sea sediments and to analyze how climate change and eutrophication impact methane gas production, gas accumulation and methane flux.



BALTIC GAS was funded by BONUS The Baltic Organisations Network for funding Science EEIG.

The project period was 01.01.2009-31.12.2011.


  • 1.2: Scientific reports
  • 1.3: BALTIC GAS workshops and meetings (reports)
  • 1.4: Submission of data to a common database
  • 1.5: Research cruises
  • 2.1: GIS-map of mined data
  • 2.2: GIS-map of methane flux and distribution in sediments
  • 2.3: GIS-map of hot-spots of present and future CH4-emmission
  • 3.1: Mapping of shallow gas and physical characterisation of gas bearing sediments
  • 3.2: Identification of zones of potential weakness
  • 3.3: Detection and monitoring of methane ebullition
  • 4.1: Methane Distributions and Breakdown
  • 4.2: Methane emission through sediment-water and sea-air interfaces
  • 4.3: Holocene evolution of the Baltic Sea ecosystem
  • 5.1: Transport/ reaction models reg. methane and sulphur dynamics
  • 5.2: Predictive model and climate change scenarios


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  • Schneider von Deimling, J., Papenberg, C. (2011), Technical Note: Detection of gas bubble leakage via correlation of water column multibeam images, Ocean Sci. Discuss., 8, 1757–1775 (pdf).
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